Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thing #23

OK, I think I need to pinch myself. I am finally finished with 23 things!!!!! WOO HOO!
I would say my favorite things were all of the fun photo sites and tools, and the Google calendar. I am looking forward to using them at my school. I think overall this experience has really pushed me to take a chance online and learn something new. I think the next time I am challenged with technology I can look back to this jam packed summer course and pull experience from it. If a similar activity was offered to me in the future then I think I would participate, but maybe over a longer period of time. (And I hope that by then I won't procrastinate.....)

23 thing in a sentence: An introduction to online educational tools I might now have discovered on my own.

Thing #22

I don't know, I suppose Ning could be a professional social networking site that I could eventually use. It seemed to create a connection for librarians, but to be honest I am in technology overload. I think that in the future I might create a Ning account to jump into the library social networking scene, but for now I am satisfied just knowing it's there.

Thing #21

Well for whatever reason I have not been able to download Photostory and I am very frustrated. Since I will not be able to create a pocast now, I searched through some online that I thought would be neat. I want to show podcasts of the Blubonnet Book Award nominees and I found a couple. The following links to a short podcast on Toys Go Out.

Thing #20

I have known about and used YouTube for awhile now, but this summer was the first time that I ever used: .Videos are a great way to learn and teach, and teachertube is a great resource to use.

Thing #19

I always feel like there is nothing fun to do so I decided to explore the events tool
It was actually really cool, you can look up event all over the world. I of course chose the Houston area, and the site listed every event you could think of from politics to concerts to plays. It has a sign in tool in which you can store and share the events you plan to join. I definitely plan to you this as a personal tool, but it also has events categorized as family and another as education. If you haven't checked it out, it's quick and useful.

Thing #18

I decided to use Google Docs since I already have a Google account. I once again can't believe I didn't already know about this online tool. These free document creators are great for students that don't have office at home, and they are easy to use and navigate. I guess one of the only drawbacks is if the internet is not working then you wouldn't be able to create documents offline without office. If you have any information on offline information I would be interested in it.

Thing #17

This is the Rollyo that I just started on African American Inventors: (it needs work but I was just testing to see if I could do it.)

Once I actually make it functional with more appropriate sites and databases, I will use it for a research project for the fourth graders at my school. has a lot of potential as a research tool in the classroom because it allows teachers and myself to provide a more accurate and faster to find information.